Lagoon Safari ( mangrove ) Tour

Pottuvil Lagoon is located 4 km from Arugam Bay with a view of Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point. Over 200 acres in size and inside the lagoon is a small, beautiful island. The lagoon is surrounded by mangrove forests that are home to an abundance of wildlife. During the two-hour canoe tour through Pottuvil Lagoon you will experience the serenity and beauty of a mangrove ecosystem which includes:

Marine life such as fish, prawns, crabs and others Birds such a sea eagles, kingfishers, pelicans, herons, Jacana, common coots, and darters. In the trees you can see both varieties of Sri Lankan monkeys Elephants live on the small island or in the jungle Crocodiles on the shore or in the mangrove tree roots and Water monitors

Departure Times: 5.45 am and 3.45 pm daily

Duration: 2 hours

Departure From Arugambay

Price included 

  • Transport
  • Tickets
  • Tour Guide
  • Refreshment
  • Water



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    How much are lagoon safaris? For 2 people. Thanks

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